Created by broadcasters for broadcasters, ONE CONNXT's advantage begins with a team that understands broadcaster needs because they are broadcasters. They put the advantages that customers need into ONE CONNXT and built a system that matches or exceeds broadcast video industry standards.

The Company

ONE CONNXT was developed by the ONE Media Corp. as a more reliable and cost-effective solution for their broadcast transmission needs. It has already proven its benefits through the flawless transmission of major global sporting events such as golf's 2011 Emirates Australian Open. Now available to clients, ONE CONNXT delivers programming around the globe with costs that aren't out of this world!


"Being asked to assist with this important role in the launch of this exciting, new 24/7 HD channel is an honor for all of us at ONE CONNXT," said Mustafa Tell, ONE CONNXT's Middle East representative. This is another milestone for ONE CONNXT's growth and expands our reach and profile throughout the broadcast industry." ONE CONNXT was created by broadcasters for broadcasters, and was designed to meet or exceed broadcast standards and offer quality and reliability comparable to traditional broadcast at a much lower cost.