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Transmission Costs

By using the Internet, transmission costs are greatly reduced compared to fiber or satellite. Also, avoid delays looking for fiber or satellite connectivity and the long setup times.

Operational Flexibility

The ubiquity of the internet allows for content delivery everywhere, across town and across the globe. For point-to-point contribution and ENG to point-to-multipoint distribution and OTT.

Reliable Transmissions

Our support team understands broadcaster needs and are available when you need them, 24/7. In addition to electronic monitoring, all transmissions are visually supervised by our support team to ensure quality and reliability.

Broadcast Quality

OneConnext can deliver Ultra-HD, HD and SD content without compromising on quality. Our hybrid error recovery approach dynamically adjusts according to network conditions, resulting in no startup delay, no buffering or pauses, and no lowering of video resolution.

“After careful review, we chose ONE CONNXT’s transport solution to send the Cosmos’ home games back to our headquarters in Stamford and ultimately to our viewership in the United States. We are extremely excited about the quality, speed and low cost of ONE CONNXT’s video transport capabilities and they have a proven track record handling our most coveted properties, and now the New York Cosmos.”

 Bob Brown
Bob BrownVice President Production and Operations for ONE World Sports

Latest news

ONE CONNXT and Livari Digital Broadcast Solutions Form Strategic Partnership for Global Distribution of Live Sports

Content and Technology Combine for New Business Development   WEST PALM BEACH, FL and London, England April 18,2017 – ONE CONNXT, the U.S. based award-winning leader in IP broadcast video transport and Livari Digital Broadcast Solutions…

OneConnxt Agrees to Provide Reach Media with Content Distribution from U.S. to Middle East

Top Middle Eastern Content Provider Chooses OneConnxt For Content Delivery of The Bridge, a Popular Live Variety Talk Show Atlanta, GA - December 7, 2016 – OneConnxt, a global leader in IP broadcast video transport, announced today that…

OneConnxt Selected As Technology Delivery Partner For The NASL Champions Final For CBS Sports

Atlanta, GA November 15, 2016 - ONECONNXT, a global leader in IP broadcast video transport, announced today the successful transport of the NASL Champions Final Sunday, November 13 from St. John’s University’s Belson Stadium in New York…

“After careful review, testing and consideration, we chose OneConnxt both for its reliability and its low cost. We extensively tested with them and are further impressed with OneConnxt’s outstanding 24×7 monitoring and customer service.”

Mohamed Azzat Elkhashab
Mohamed Azzat ElkhashabCEO and President/North America for Reach Media

About us

ONE CONNXT provides cost-effective broadcast-quality video transmission services over IP (Internet). Without compromising quality or reliability. Our monitoring and customer support is second to none. With two operation centers in the United States and one in Europe, we provide true manned 24/7 monitoring and support. ONE CONNXT was created by broadcasters for broadcasters out of need for a more cost effective and flexible solution  for local, national and international broadcast-quality video transmissions.

Our Partners

“We used ONE CONNXT as the main method to send material between broadcast centers in Italy, Jordan and Egypt, all of which are mission critical in our in efforts to best serve our loyal viewers.” The system has performed well and we depend on it to move hundreds of hours of content including during the holy month of Ramadan.” This is one of the best technical investments we have made at ART. ONE CONNXT has given us significant savings with a very small investment.”

Aref Dadan
Aref DadanART Booking Department Manager in Amman

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